My Nighttime Skincare Routine!

Hello loves! Welcome back 🙂 Today I’m going to be sharing my nighttime skincare routine. I have a bunch of tips and tricks on how to help keep your skin clear, clean and wrinkle free! If you’d like to see how I keep my skin free of acne then just keep scrolling. 🙂

After having my makeup on for about 7-8 hours, I just feel disgusting, haha. The last thing I want to do is have my makeup on for one more minute! Which leads to the first step in my night routine, taking off my makeup! I use the Equate Makeup Remover wipes from Target. They’re super cheap and work really well to take off all my mascara and foundation. One tip I have for you when taking off your makeup is to be gentle. Your skin is fragile, especially around your eyes! I like to press the makeup wipes gently on my eyelashes to help the mascara loosen up a bit, then I gently dab and swipe to get the rest. I never like to tug too much around my eyes because that eventually will cause wrinkles.


Once my makeup is on my makeup wipe instead of my face I go in with my Micellar Water from Garnier. This stuff is my best friend, my holy grail, my everything. Haha. I pour some of this on a cotton round and wipe my face. This helps get all the extra makeup and dirt that is still stuck on my face! Because I don’t wash my face, this ensures that I’m not going to bed with makeup still there. Which leads me to my next tip.. NEVER go to bed with makeup on! You’re just asking for acne, wrinkles and a dirty pillow!  Some of you may know that my skin is super sensitive to water, so sometimes using tap water out of the sink causes me really bad acne! Therefore I stay clear of it unless I have to like when I’m showering!


Next is toner! I recently got into toner and I’ve been loving it! The one I use is from Lancome. I pour it onto a cotton pad and again, wipe my face. The toner helps remove makeup from not only the surface of my face but the makeup and dirt that set into my pores during the day.

Finally, after I’ve gotten rid of every trace of makeup and dirt on my skin, I moisturize! The third tip is to moisturize! I used to think that because I have oily skin, I shouldn’t moisturize my skin because it’ll make me more oily. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Moisturizer helps keep your skin soft, smooth, wrinkle-free and puts all the moisture back into your skin! My current moisturizer is from Vanicream, it’s a thicker cream which I enjoy because in the morning I use a moisturizer that is a lot lighter and I like to think of the thicker cream as a nice skin treatment. 🙂 I also switch between my Lancome eye cream, and the Olay age defying moisturizer! The Olay moisturizer says to avoid contact with the eyes…. so I wouldn’t recommend using it around your eyes, but I do.. Haha. The fourth tip I have for you is to use your ring finger when applying products around your eyes. Your ring finger is the most gentle finger you have, which leads to less pulling and tugging!



After that, I floss and brush my teeth and hop into bed! Then usually sit on my computer and phone for the next 2 hours playing Candy Crush and watching Netflix or YouTube. Haha.

Well, that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed my night time skincare routine, and if you did go ahead and give this post a like and I’ll do my morning skincare routine as well! Thank you for reading and happy hump day! 🙂


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