Oily Skin No More!

Hello, friends! Welcome back to this week’s blog post all about my newly discovered favorite product! I’m so excited about this bad boy and for everyone who has oily skin, you’re going to love this. 🙂


So what is this magical product you may ask? It’s called Seriously Shine Free by Formula 10.0.6. This product claims to keep skin smooth and shine free all day. “Aloe vera softens skin while bamboo extract absorbs excess oil to maintain a balanced complexion.” How amazing right? I was pretty skeptical about this lotion because honestly, my skin is so oily that usually, nothing works. But it was $6.99 at Target, so I thought it was worth a shot! Let me tell you, it was probably the best $7 I’ve ever spent. Combining this with my Revlon Stay Matte foundation is a dynamic duo. Not only did this lotion help me stay matte throughout the day, it also didn’t keep my skin from looking or feeling too dry. The product when you put it on feels kind of weird, almost sticky. But once you put your foundation on you don’t even notice it. Below are some pictures that I took throughout the day with this magic lotion on. 🙂


Beginning of the day- Hour 1. Looking fresh and non-oily. Woohoo! Haha

Alright so hour 1, I mean yeah my skin is looking good. But it’s only been an hour, so I continued out my day running errands and walking around in the hot sun!


Hour 6-7. Honestly, I’m impressed.



Alright so after 6-7 hours this is what my skin looks like. Guys I’m so impressed, if you’ve ever seen me after this long with makeup on, it’s usually a hot mess. And the only way I’m not a hot mess by this point is if I’ve re-powdered at least 2 times. This is with NO touch ups in between. Like NONE. Also, may I add the fact that I laid out in the sun for about an hour and a half before this picture? My skin is looking pretty dang good if you ask me, haha.


4 hours later


Alright friends, this is after 10 hours. No touch ups and right before I planned on taking my makeup off. Yes, I’m a little oily, which you can see in my T-zone and around my cheeks. But my makeup is still on and looking pretty good. But compared to what I normally look like… this is a HUGE step up. Do yourself a favor and go to Target to pick it up! For even better results, pair this baby with a matte foundation and I promise it’ll change your life! Haha.

If anyone of you have used this product, comment down below, I’d love to read your thoughts and opinions!

Thanks for reading loves, and I’ll talk to you next week! 🙂





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